Monday, October 26, 2009

Man I've got it bad.

I am fidgety, restless, edgy, anxious, hair-pulling, jump-up-and-down, just-wanna-scream, exams-be-gone, hate-hate-hate, let-me-go-HOME-already!!!!

Really can't bring myself to study. I'm sure I will get into it if I only picked up the book and START. But yeah, I've definitely had it worse than last year. Guess recent events have made me want to just be with my family and friends at home. Like now. So many things running through my head. Heh. Definitely not my finest Spring.

It's Labour Day today so my working friends here are free! And these working peeps, man, do they treasure their public holidays. So Navin and I went for a tramp with Zhi and his pals. 6 guys, a gal and a frisbee. =) Had a great time, really. I loved it. I loved the tramping, the sun, which then turned into rain, the sea, the beach, the picnic food. Absolute loved it. Oh but I suck at frisbee. As usual.

Auckland Marathon's in 6 days. Exams in 4. Exam's over in 18. Home's in 32.

Come on, Time. MOVE.


Li-Ann said...

hahahah actually my dad was exactly the same in nz about 30-40 years back! he said he used to hate spring because the weather outside was so naaaaiicee but you had to be stuck inside studying!!!

i used to make a list of stuff i want to do after exams to compensate for how deprived i felt studying for exams! and studying in the library with friends often felt more like a treat than anything.

galnexdor said...

i didnt know ur dad studied in nz! is that why he likes cloudy bay wine? haha...yeaah summer here's real nice coz its never too hot, unlike aussie.

u're disciplined, u keep ur to do list till after exams. i'm more of a "if i feel like going out today, then i shall go out today". haha...really no discipline.