Sunday, October 18, 2009

Because it is time to update the blog

I have had a pretty awesome week actually. Or maybe it is because I handed in my very last of assignments and did my very last of presentations for the year. Which resulted in full on liberated relaxed feeling from Friday onwards, when in fact, I haven't even had any exams yet. heh.

For the record, I did a presentation on Patellofemoral Pain and got 25/27 for it. Not bad aye? =) It was a proud moment, I must admit.

So, due to lack of photos, which is due to the lack of enthusiasm to snap photos, which is due to the dysfunctional camera button on my phone, I do not have photographic evidence of my awesome weekend. But I shall recount them as best as I can. Warning, this is going to be a little dry and report-like.

On Friday night I made lamb chops for Yee Lyn, Wensze, Irvin and Navin. I had bought extra for the flatmates but most of them weren't home except for Andreas, who was lucky to have some. It was good, I must say, for a first attempt. Lemon, salt, pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and a dash of merlot. Oven-grilled to perfection. well, almost. =)

Then we had ice cream, walked around Auckland city, caught the last remaining minutes of the Lights with Telecom at the Viaduct. Yee lyn was flying off the next day so she was a little emotional. she didn't want to leave! I'd kill to be in her position!

Saturday was spent at work as usual. I biked to work because Shrek is in the workshop (again!). well he's getting a new radiator put in. I am a lot stronger now. I seem to cycle faster and faster. What took me 25 minutes back then now takes me a little aver 17 minutes. Awesome huh?

After work I came home to an empty house. So I got Navin to go out again. We went to the Chocolate Boutique which is awesome, as always. Then we went walking around. And I came home by about 10.30. Spoke to my parents, and went to bed.

This morning I was supposed to run to the French Market. It was only 8.8 km but it started to rain when I ran out so I ran back home, showered and got Navin to come and pick me up. The French Market was awesome. Lots of nice gourmet food. Albeit, a bit expensive. I bought myself some turkish borak, and a packet of paella. They were alright. I've had better. But the setting of the market was cool. And I foresee going back. =)

After the market was lunch with Navin and his friends at Spices Thai. I always make the mistake of ordering very common food. Simple stir-fried beef n veges and rice. I should've taken paad thai. owells.

Then it was Dress-Smart for shopping. I had promised myself not to buy anything. Instead, I just went window shopping for trail running shoes and found some pretty nice ones. Thinking of getting myself a new pair to hopefully be worn during the next Perak Ironbound Challenge? haha...*dreams*.

I've got 40 days to home. The anticipation is killing me! =)


K3vski said...

How come your French market sells TURKISH borak and paella from SPAIN? What about the croissants? :P

weisheng said...

I got 19/20 for my last eye test. That was pretty good, I thought.

galnexdor said...

i didnt want to pay $2 for tiny croissants when i can pay $4 for 4 croissants in PaknSave...=)

galnexdor said...

u have 19/20 eyesight? thats so nice...i wish i have considering lasik at this point..