Sunday, October 11, 2009


Have you ever been to an Indian concert? I haven't.

Till last night.
I went to the Diwali Festival here in Auckland and it was really quite impressive. I never knew the Indian community here was so huge! I've never really attended any Diwali festivals back home either so I can't really say I know much but I reckon it was comparable.The Diwali Festival here is a 2 day long annual event and it had foodstalls, henna tattoos, performances, bollywood dance competitions, fireworks, and of course lots n lots of lights. It was quite an eye opener, and I really wanted to try a lot of the foods but me being typically Malaysian, wasn't really prepared to pay so much for food I know definitely didn't cost so much back in Malaysia. Seriously, $5 for dhosai? You've gotta be kidding me. Eventhough some of the food i probably couldn't get back at home, those authentic Indian foods. Then again, I haven't explored Brickfields much so I wouldn't know. =)Anyway, the funniest part I thought was when Navin decided we should join in the crowd at the concert. Everyone was jumping up and down with their hands high up in the air and before we knew it we got pulled into the center - Yee Lyn, Wen Sze, Andreas (my flatmate) and myself. 3 chinese gals and a white guy. haha...the Indians kept saying "Put your arms up! Put your arms up!" and imagine the thickest, most pronounced Indian accent you can imagine. it was good fun. =)

Was definitely a change of scene here in Auckland. Who would've guessed that I'd attend my first Indian pop concert here in Kiwiland.

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