Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What leave?

My study leave hasn't exactly been used for its rightful purpose. I have in fact been doing everything but studying. But i'll get to it, don't worry (daddy, i know you'll be reading this). Here's what I've been so busily up to in the past couple of days.

Monday saw me rising in the early hours to be at Sri Pentas with Sean for a grooming session. This was when i met the top 10 guys and girls for the Ultimate Prom Nite nominations. I swear, the girls were gorgeous. and Miss Kristin Kreuk got in too. 2 of the guys couldn't make it, so there were only 8 of them, among which were a couple of hot ones too. Looks like competition is pretty tough.
Kristin Kreuk in red.

Grooming session was fun. It was as exciting as International Management 375 with Miss Eileen Yap. In fact I had no trouble at all trying to bulge my eyes open...grooming session!?!? what the hell? We were made to sit through a 4 hour lecture on Image. The moment the speaker, Sharifah Shawati, spoke on chipped off manicures and moisturizing skin I knew I was in the wrong place. Then we were taught how to cleanse our face with circular movements of the finger tips and wet sponges, how to squeeze the sponge dry the right way, how to tap on our cheeks and forehead in an upward direction, how to get rid of double chins...I was surprised I actually stayed on.

But anywhos, they asked for a volunteer for a makeover. And I was bored out of my wits, plus, I love change, and this one involved a free hair cut, so I jumped at the opportunity. Shawati took a look at my face and hair and decided "I think you could take on a Vic Beckham. And you have the attitude to suit it too". Me? a Vic Beckham? be the judge.A lot of good feedback i've received from friends. I personally liked it. till my mum and a few others mentioned that this is the style that's in now, and a lot of people are spotting it. I am the last person on earth to want to follow an in style. So that made me not like it very much now. And Dennis misses the long locks. So, yea...I'm growing it long again! :)

The poor guys who came along with us in the morning only started their session after ours, while we were let free. I felt bad for leaving Sean behind. They ended only at about 8 pm. that's a 12-hour day they've spent on something that isn't even certain. I hope Sean gets in!

Today, was Shakti's 21st birthday. I spent the afternoon singing in Redbox along with a few others from 2-7 pm! Shakti's treat. :) I know, how on earth can I sing karaoke for 5 hours? Try it, 5 hours is no enough!
Then dinner was meant to be a surprise for Shakti, but it didn't turn out all that surprising. Nonetheless the food was great, there was Tiger beer, and i loved the banana choc cake! Even the post dinner shisha session in Hartamas was good. I think the woman enjoyed her 21st. I could see she was happy. Good. Operasi Hari Jadi Shakti berjaya!
So here's wishing the birthday girl Happy 21st Birthday one last time! Love you Ati!! *hugs*


..melanie.. said...

hello! is ms kristin kreuk's real name intan something or is she another real kristin kreuk running loose in malaysia?

galnexdor said...

heyy! um...i cant rmb her name...think it was Sarah...but she was Seventeen covergirl in year 2004...

..melanie.. said...

oh..hahaha..ok thanks!

dektos said...

See! I told you! Vic Beckham!

Anyway, looking hot once again Ms. Siah!

Here's towards "Change"! *holds beer mug up* and no, I'm not drunk! xD

sgloong said...

OMG ... hot babes ... who is the girl on your left Karen?? super HOT


galnexdor said...

ahha on my left in which picture?!?!

theo said...

umm...kristin kreuk, sweet candies!looking forward to see ya all on tv, but more of brand karensiah :)