Wednesday, November 28, 2007

kids these days

i did it. i changed into my running gear. put on my trainers. stepped out of the house. drew in a deep breath of air. and begin pounding.

started off a little hard. the hills came. they used to be helluva lot easier. but i pounded on. all the way up. controlling my breathing. watching my pace. focusing my mind.

made it past the hill. my pace became more comfortable now. i was trotting along without a care. breathing was good. from several feet back, i heard the cries and laughter from some young boys. 8-9 years old tops. they rode their little bicycles, 2 each.

the sound of wheels drew closer. the laughter gradually died down into cheeky whispers. they rode along me, slowing down. i smiled and waved. one of them laughed.

slowly they trudged a little ahead of me. suddenly their eyes were full of mischief. the boys were urging one on. "cepatla...cepat...". out of nowhere, this little back seater LIGHTS A MATCH STICK and THREW IT MY WAY. to which my respond was to scowl my foulest scowl. they burst into laughter. to which my reaction came in a resounding "OI!!!!"...

the match missed me. but it got me a little upset. they were young kids! man...and to think i thought they were cute! hmmph!

drama aside...
i've started running again!
and crunches too!
100 a day.
yay me! :)

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