Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Being on The 8TV Quickie yesterday was...freaky. I was really really nervous, for a reason. It didn't turn out as i had expected, and i have no one but myself to blame. I just saw the video on the website and i noticed how my body was stiff and uptight. I spent a lot of the time looking on the ground. and my eyes are so puffy, i don't know why!

I screwed up. To me, i did. I had one chance to prove i could be on TV and i blew it. But that's what i think. You be the judge. Watch it HERE.


anne said...

ok what?!.....why u complaining!
btw i voted for u online
all the way from sydney babeh!
see ya soon

Adrian said...

i watched the video. first few seconds u look nervous then after that u seem fine. dont be so hard on yourself!

galnexdor said...

anne: Miss Yap Mei Shan bila u nak balik ni harh!??! sudah lame tak jumpe! and thanks...much love!

adrian: haha well i had hoped for a better performance...but yeap...guess it's not all that bad la...