Friday, November 02, 2007

the final hurdle

handed in my last piece of work for Capstone.

heard the last of the woman's nagging.

sat through the last of lectures.

read the last of readings.

yup...smells like the end of a 3 year degree course to me. one which brought many battles between my family and i prior to its start. one which i accepted out of spite. one which i vowed to stay low profile, to make zero acquaintances and head straight home after ever class. one which have seen me complaining and writhing about over the past 3 years. which got me some 20 foot poster on it's front wall.
one which made me it's queen (still finding this hard to believe).
one which got me giggling, dancing and singing up on stage in front of hundreds.
one which gave me a task i'd never dream of doing.
one where i found my place among the people i met.
honestly, i still don't think i've learned much. toss me into the corporate world of marketing and management and i think i'll sink and drown. but the people i have met have rather heavy impacts on my life.

it'll be different after this. can't say it'll be worse. can't say it'll be better either. it'll just be...different.

now...onto the final battlefield!

p.s: i got into the top 10 girls of The Ultimate Prom Nite!!!


bola2api said...

"The Ultimate Prom Nite"

I read it quickly the first time and thought, why is she entering "The Ultimate Porn Nite"..

my bad.. mata dah rabun..


C-CUBE said...

you gotta start learning from the old hands (lau cheok) of the corporate world especially if you found yourself in a MNC. you shud know who they are out there. good luck coming out of the bushes and into the forest.

kev said...

Apa tu Capstone?

Hahhah Aini, the eyes see what the mind wants them to see...

galnexdor said...

ahha capstone is one of my subjects...quite a fun subject actually...its a business company failed terribly tho...:)

ccube: yupyup...but that will come later la...i still have another 3 years of studyng..=)

bola2api: hahahaha...yup....thanks!

Jayson Yong said...

talk about low profile... lol
well congrats to you for finishing

i have one more assignment to hand in on the 12th and my really final paper on the 21st =D

see u in feb

galnexdor said...

how come the assignment is due on the 12th? weird...

best of luck for finals! see u at the convo!