Saturday, November 17, 2007

i feel so loved!

Ever since the online voting started, a lot of people have been showing me a lot of lurvveee. It's all very touching, really. Both my mum and dad have been asking all their friends to vote for me through emails and texts. Even Keith's friends started circulating emails to vote for me. I am extremely flattered by all the support!

And some have gone the extra mile to blog about me, reaching an even wider scope of people. Here are those who shamelessly promoted me to their readers to help me gain some votes:

Also, some of my friends in the running circle have been sending out emails, which were forwarded to other running circles. I'm really speechless! Thanks Uncle Choi!

Anyway, i'd just like to thank everyone for all that has been done. Really appreciate everything. Just so you know, online voting isn't the only determinant. It constitutes 25%, while the other 25% and 50% come from sms votes and judicial votes respectively. the sms code can be found on 8TV. I wonder how many people actually watch 8TV but yea, if you happen to spot me on 8TV, please spare me RM0.50. And while you're at it, spare another for Sean too.

Thanks again.



sean said...

thanks for the ad again. here's to tmrw's talent shoot :)

galnexdor said...


theo said...

hey...carrie bradshaw! :D

galnexdor said...

carrie who?

theo said...

lol...what's with that carrie bradshaw (sex n the city) mischievious eyebrow flirt...saw u on 8tv :)