Saturday, November 24, 2007

busy bee me

i have been in and out of the house far too often of late. it has come to a point where i feel like a tourist, and my home is just a bed i come home to sleep on at night. of course, it leaves me feeling like an ignorant ungrateful daughter, because if i am not at home, house chores will be done by my mum alone.

and if that is not enough, i haven't been running either. or cycling. i haven't been doing anything that would raise my heart rate for even a minute. since the Powerman. and it has come to affect what i eat. because with every bite, i can almost envision the little clouds of fats forming at rapid speed. not to mention my stamina has probably dropped to an incomprehensible level. incomprehensible by people like me, once upon a time.

and because of that, i come home at night feeling awfully tired, extremely guilty and insanely unfit.

i need to get out of this rut. all it takes is to put on those trainers, and hit the road....

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