Tuesday, August 14, 2007

table for two for 5 minutes

I was surfing around for Malaysian Dating Agencies when i came across Gay.com.
102 Malaysian gay profiles? Man...that's a lot of gay men in Malaysia....and a quick glance through their profiles will tell you that 90% of that figure is in KL. Needless to say, that the chances of bumping into one is awfully high. Which is good if he was average looking, because i've always wanted a gay best friend. But if he was hot...then i'd so hate his hormonal levels.

anyway, before you start giving me the what-the-hell-are-you-doing-looking-for-dating-agencies look, let me clarify. There's this unit i'm doing this semester called Marketing of Services. For this unit, the group component requires us to pick a service industry, choose 2 competitors, and evaluate their services. And so, we (Me, YanYee, Dektos, Nick), wanted to do something entirely different, deciding to pick the dating services scene.

Yes, i am psyched to do this project. I've always wondered what it'd be like to go for speed dating. I've done a bit of research and i've found that you're only given 5 minutes to get to know the person across from you before the bell rings and he has to move on while another will sit down. 5 minutes. that's like...300 seconds. Seems too short a time to decide whether u'd like to see that person again or not right?

So i have this theory, that the initial 5 minutes it's superficial attraction. In other words, it's got to do with appearance. In lay-malaysian-man term, "face issue". if he's hot, yes i'd like to see him again because out of the 5 minutes, he took 1 to sit down, 2 to introduce himself, and the next 2 minutes you spend on evaluating every inch of his face and hair. 5 minutes? *tsk tsk*

as for matchmaking agencies, i wonder what would happen if only one party falls in love, while the other doesn't. would be awfully hard wouldn't it? and i wonder if there were cases of the guy being a deranged sex maniac or something. hmmm...

but judging by the number of speed dating agencies there are in Malaysia, i'm guessing that its pretty good business. either that, or there are that many lonely, desperate people out there. *shrugs*


dektos said...

I still disagree with the idea of dating services... =/

Joanne said...

hey karen,

Just dropping by to say hi =)

My friend actually met her fiance through an online dating service. They are getting married next year =)

I guess, it works??

gnarly said...

you're right. i WAS gonna ask you why you were looking at dating services.

John Doe said...

5 minutes? That's long.. Most of the one's I've seen are 1-2 minutes only..

So when your time starts, you have to jump into it - like your interests, what do you do etc etc. Not as superficial as you think. You won't love the person, but at least you'll have that first introduction.

galnexdor said...

dek: haha it'll be fun laaaa

joanne: haha yea i think it does work...and im glad there are such services...:)

gnarly: dont worry...i'm not that desperate...yet...=)

john doe: yea...u sound like uve had prior experience...haha