Saturday, August 11, 2007

i hate long meetings

i do not like my words to be overwritten.

i do not like to be told to do something which i have already done.

i do not like it when people disregard my every suggestion.

i do not like it when people repeat an idea over and over again knowing very well nobody is on their team.

i do not like grey areas and maybes and perhaps.

i do not like someone breathing down my neck.

i do not like to find solutions to other people's problems. if they got there, they should get themselves out.

i do not like to be interrupted mid-sentence.

and i hate long long discussions and meetings. there's a friggin' cyber world out there. e-mail!

1 comment:

ling said...

i know what you mean... when we planned our orientation it was meeting every 9am till evening...
thank god school's starting today! :)