Thursday, August 23, 2007

Merdeka Day @ Metropolitan College

I know it's a bit too early but Metro's all about beating the rest to it this year what with it's 20th anniversary and all. So yesterday and today, we celebrated Merdeka Day at college level. It was actually the biggest celebration ever, lasting two days and having so many companies joining in on the celebration. Here's a photographic tour:
Circle K-RSO Joint Charity Drive
Prema, who helped me with my saree
Dektos, my co-mc
some of the other dressed up students
Dewa looking photo taken with the aid of 2 Chinese fans and Tisha's photographic skillsPosing with the Merdeka Man!
Prudential Services Challenge

click for more photos

will be back on sunday with more pics from Perhentian!


shirlyn said...

hey..u look great in sari!! i wana wear a sari 1 day too...hehe...

theo said...

this is a 'test' post.