Friday, August 03, 2007

the final sem

It dawned upon me only today that this semester is my final semester in college. The final semester of my degree! In less than 4 month's time I'd be completing (fingers crossed, I get through all my subjects) a 3-year business degree, and in February (earliest possible) I'd be graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce to be put underneath my name on my business cards.

Sounds pretty huge, huh?

Today I took out some certificates to photocopy and certify for my scholarship application. I filled up the form and wrote myself a reference letter (yes, referees these days do not write testimonials for you. They'd much prefer you sing praises for yourself and they just amen them). It's hard to believe that I am finally going to be pursuing my Sport Science course. It seemed like only yesterday I was moaning because I had to do a Business Degree instead of Sport Science. Now look where I am. =)

I clicked open my CV and decided to make some amendments as to make it seem more professional and less school-ish. Because the convocation for the Bachelor of Commerce is in February (or later), I would have to pursue the next degree at a later date. The second intake is in July. Thus I have 6 months or so to spare. 6 months for me to save up enough to fund my Sport Science degree.

I know it's a little too early to be thinking of all these, considering the semester had only just started. But being a final sem student is a whole lot different from being a 1st, 3rd or 5th semester student. It just feels different. I go to college feeling driven, motivated....old....but still very much eager to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

So, any of you want to hire me? Soon to be (November) Bachelor of Commerce graduate majoring in Marketing and Management. I learn fast, am computer literate, speak English, Malay, basic Chinese, have prior working experience and I have my own transport. I'm perfectly okay with travelling. =)


shirlyn said...

hey ren..its not too early to start preparing for the sports sc course ler!! last..hehe

neway, jus got to kno tht ur ah ma passed sorry for ur loss...take care ya!

theo said...

hi karen,
out there...tread lightly and guard thy footing, dont be too eager to offer yourself too soon. take good care sweetie :)