Saturday, August 11, 2007

ain't too shabby

it's been a while since i last rhymed
and i wonder if anybody had timed
im pretty sure my vocab's rusty
and this poem might just be crappy

but nonetheless, i'd give it a try
for it'd be a shame if i let it die
over the years, the skills i've honed
what a waste it'd be if i started to stone

but then, the less the better, i always say
for the tone of my poems aren't that of gay
most of them are emo and awfully sappy
and the more they come, the less i'm happy

thus, i've been good, i'm proud to announce
that i am emo-free, not even an ounce
perhaps, singlehood, i've learned to better regard
or maybe, just maybe, this is just a facade?

unless you know me through and through
the answer to that, you won't have a clue
hey, wait a minute, did i just, successfully
write a non-sappy poem that ain't too shabby?


theo said...

poetic athlete,
what you do is in a league,
all on its own,
what a turn-on when it's made known.

me and my poor rhymes :D

Jul said...

haha damn cute!

galnexdor said...

theo: ahah thank you thank you...:)

ju: cute? ahahah okay...thx :)