Monday, August 06, 2007

making choices

We make choices in our everyday life. From what should I wear today, to what should I have for lunch, to what time I should set my alarm for tomorrow morning. We make so many decisions, albeit minor ones, that it has become somewhat unconsciously done. Sometimes, if we're a little unfortunate, we chance upon fork road choices which are not that easy to make. Because there is neither a perfect great choice, nor a perfect wrong choice, these choices are a little grey around the areas in which there's a little good and bad which will come out of both of them. Now, if we're fortunate, we'll have the foresight to see which one has a greater good outcome. Because the rule of thumb is, always go for the greater good.

Either that, or we take good old Robert Frost's advice and take the road less travelled by. In other words, choose the one we don't usually choose. Try something new. Expand thy horizons!

But that isn't always the case. What if you had to choose between a Spaghetti Carbonara and Lasagna? Or Love Actually and Crash? Or chocolate fondue and a cheese fondue? What if you had to choose between a free handphone and a free holiday? Or between Iker Cassilas and Christiano Ronaldo?

What if i had to choose between the Powerman and the Genting Trailblazer? There is NO greater GOOD! There is NO road less travelled by! I wanna do both! :(


kelvin said...

powerman is in november...trailblazer in novemeber too? i'd go home to lumut..hehe

dektos said...

Erm.. between Iker Casillas and Christiano Ronaldo is a no brainer.. Casillas anytime! Whats so great about a showboating "oo touch me and I fall so easily" penalty winning cheat... XD Hahaa!!

galnexdor said...

kelvin: but but...its TRAILBLAZER!!! :(

dektos: ahahha whats so great is his looks...i dont give two dimes for the way he plays....hahaha

sam said...

i go for ronaldo! his ability on the tricks is one of a kind!

ps: ei, torres from liverpool not bad also woh~

galnexdor said...

hahah THAT, my dear friend, is SO TRUE. :)

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

That poem by Rob Frost is one of my favs. :)