Monday, January 03, 2011

Seep through.

3 days into the New Year, and I've been holding up! Bootcamp started again this morning, and it was Benchmark day. I love my job. I can't wait to be a full time trainer! =)

My brother went back to Perth tonight. It was good fun having him around, always dreaded sending him off. It's like ever since I had to go overseas, albeit how much I wanted to go when I was younger, I really appreciate times when the whole family are together. If I could preserve time, I'd preserve the time when we were all still studying in Subang Jaya. =)

I went for a trip to PD over the New Year weekend. It was...interesting. It wasn't my usual crowd, and I only knew about 3-4 people out of the 13. I went because everyone around me encourages me to go out, meet new people, have fun, enjoy, live life...which I should. So I went. The drinking was good. I haven't had a session of happy juice indulgence in a while. But I'm not a big fan of the smoking that went on in that bungalow. And we had very different views on matters of life. heh.

And it bugged me just a tad, that PD was the last place I saw him on July 23rd...right before he sent me to the airport. The bridge we walked hand-in-hand, the nasi lemak kukus stall we stopped at for a bite, the beach we strolled...they all resonated in my eyes as memories I am trying quite hard to bury. It's funny, innit, how only 6 months ago everything seemed promising.

I guess that's long distance relationships for you. You run the risk of having memories in snapshots, but what happens in the months in between remains grey. I think it's not uncommon. Many people in long distance relationships bite to dust. But everyone has the right to hope to be the ones to walk out at the other end of the tunnel. I know I certainly prayed I could be that lucky.

Better luck next time? =)

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