Friday, January 14, 2011

Orang Éire

I have been given the opportunity to train the Orang Éire. That's Orang as in Malay for "Men" and Éire as in Irish for "Ireland". That's right, baby, I've been training the Gaelic Football team of Malaysia!

But before you go "You play Gaelic??? I didn't even know you play football!", you're right. I don't. I don't even know the rules to it. I'm training them on strength, agility and conditioning. In other words, I've been bootcamping their Irish arses into shape! =) (which isn't too bad a sight, to be honest).

It's been good fun! The team is a proud group consisting of Irish, Scottish, Americans, Kiwis, Jamaicans, and Aussies. I think they're parents/teachers of Garden International School in Mont Kiara. So training sessions are held in the very beautiful GIS field.

I LOVE the school. If I were a student there I'd so wanna be an athletic superstar. It's got every facility you can dream of, top notch, A grade, best quality!

But forget the field. The team has been great! I've only had 2 sessions with them, and I've had so much fun! They're a very fit bunch of people, and their determination inspires me.

They've been asking me to join them in their games, and you know me, and my phobia of balls? Yeah, got me a little worried. But after learning a little more about the game, I think I kinda like this game. Because you can do pretty much anything with it. =) Have a look at the video.

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