Saturday, January 08, 2011


It has been established that women tend to feel more than men. In general. And the men I speak to agree with this statement.

I think it's just the whole Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus concept. We're just built differently. It is sometimes quite puzzling why we're made to fall in love with each other.

But sometimes I wish men are built with a little bit more emotion. Not equal to women. Just a tad more than what they already have. Sometimes I wish they would actually think a fraction of a second longer before uttering certain words, or doing certain things, which involve the woman they claim to care for. Sometimes I wish they can actually feel just a tad more for the one woman in their lives, so that she becomes just that bit more special to him.

It's either that or make us women less emotional. Chip away at our feelings of guilt, yearning, loneliness and attachment.

I think the gap is too big.

"He who cares least, wins."


Theo said...

Not exactly care least...but the one who loves more, hurts more?

It's a gift - that you are able to love, to feel, to be hurt. Living in it is tough because of this unrestrained energy that dwells inside this gift. It's like a wild horse, we have to grapple with it, master it, but not quite taming it. Its energy dwells in eternity, a mystery we will come to appreciate but it stays mystical as always.

We will learn to see, to identify, and to recognize it when it approaches from a distance the next time around, but the same whirlwind will whip us up all the same.

This is how we grow, or grown weary and fades off?

galnexdor said...

It's a gift that often goes unappreciated, me thinks.

sKyf1r3 said...

Didn't know you were in a relationship. Me thinks you're a great gal. Its his major loss. You'd do better without someone who doesn't appreciate you. You've no time on your hands anyway. Be the great person you already are, and be even better.