Friday, December 31, 2010


Like last year, I'm gonna sum up the things I managed to do in 2010.

If I thought being 23 wasn't all that fun, being 24 was pretty awesome. It started out extremely amazing, had a couple of lows in between the months, but it generally stayed quite cool throughout the year.

In 2010...
I started to train people on a freelance basis. My first client was Kenneth.
I went to 2 waterfalls
I went camping again
I won a grand from one night marathon in Putrajaya
I stayed with a Hong Kong family, ate heaps of fu qua, spoke more than 10 sentences of Cantonese in a day, and learned how to make buns
I bought a new car, crashed it, profited from insurance claims, and bought another car.
I did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing wearing cheap as $20 boots which almost severed my ankles
I got myself a tattoo
I hiked up Mount Ruapehu and experienced a snow blizzard, albeit a mini one
I got soaked in the rain and mud at the International Rainforest Music Festival in Miri, Sarawak
I failed my first university subject
I did another sprint triathlon after a 2 year long hiatus
I did 3 weeks of Bootcamp
I got a new phone and is now a big fan of the wonderful world of smart phones
I played fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day
I lived with 2 French girls, a German guy and a Japanese guy
I cooked dinner for 13 relatives who visited me in Auckland
I ran another marathon personal best!
I traveled to another country by myself and couch surfed!
I traveled around the South Island of New Zealand with my family and loved it
I bungy jumped from 134m above the ground!
I obtained my first major injury i.e. plantar fasciitis
I became a Bootcamp physical instructor
I got my picture up on the wall in a gym in Auckland
I learn to let go

The end of 2010 was marred by the break up. A year ago, I was falling madly in love again with the same boy I had been in love with for the past 3 years. Today, I love him no less. I am still learning to let go. I guess time will heal the wounds, and with a new year, comes a new breath of life. Let's hope 2011 brings me the happiness I seek.

Happy new year, peeps!


Theo said...

Hey Karen,

You're done and dusted with love? Guess not but learning to let go...hmm better not speak of it as the pain is like waves - it keeps pounding till you are senseless and no words are apt. It's about coming out to the other end of the tunnel dissolves itself in the midst of struggle.

"The lost days of youth is inevitable"

galnexdor said...

Hey Theo, I'm not done and dusted with love. =) I'm just done and dusted with wallowing in self pity.

well. I hope so. least I hope when I learn to let go of it all, I will be.

Geez, breakups are a bitch. I never thought it'd hurt so badly and for so long, to be honest.

Tisha said...

with some ice kacang feeling kinda of snow.

You deserve better!! XOX