Wednesday, November 19, 2008

to be loved

I was prepared to face yet another day of moping around the apartment. I got up bright and early about 7.50 am, because i had slept at 9.45 pm the night before. Had a major headache which hung on all evening till night, so I was dying to lie down by nightfall. I had wanted to go for a short run but the weather didnt permit that, so I breathed and sighed and resigned myself to household chores once again. I have been cleaning the apartment almost every other day.

And then Abby, being the saviour that she is all through the semester, texted me and asked if i were keen to visit the museum! So lucky for me, Abby, Alex, Tze May, Tim and myself all made our way to the Auckland Museum. Museums are usually not my thing. History and me do not go hand in hand. But anything was better than staying home. This museum wasn't too bad. There was a dinosaur floor which I kinda liked. And that was about it. haha...the war, the Maori culture and history, the plants and animals and geology were mere photographic opportunies.
abby and i got a little crazy with the explicit figurespole dancing?do frogs hump? i thought they reproduce externally...u know...persenyawaan luar badanA T-Rex named Sue. No kidding...

Then at night was my last day of work! And I had told some of them earlier this week that it was my last day this wednesday so I was gonna work them hard. And some of them came, with presents! I received 2 farewell presents from my clients. I'm honestly quite touched. I totally did not expect that. And I've only known them for a couple of months! And only about half hour to one hour a week. I felt so loved. =) After work, the owner of the gym, my boss, brought me out for a nice fancy dinner! We had wine and steak. It was delicious. And we chatted for a good 2.5 hours, just the two of us. She was really nice. And we spoke about everything under the sun. Including relationships! ahaha...imagine talking about your boyfriend to your boss! =)

Nancy my sweetest clientMoe & Rachel who cracks me up every time they're on...Fiona, the owner of Configure Express Sylvia Park

sigh...i feel so happy today. It's pretty overwhelming, just the thought of how when i first got here I knew only a handful of people, went to work in a completely foreign environment, dealt with everyone BUT asians, and somehow managed to build good friendships with them. It's a nice feeling, something I really want to get out of whatever I do in future. =)


kev said...

Wah, so now you're kiwi eh? Keep it up, sis. You definitely score well in 'making an impact' (one of my KPMG development goals - that I always have to work on improving).

Haiya, frogs DO hump lah, but as to when the eggs get fertilised... not sure whether it's 'outside' or 'inside'.

galnexdor said...

haha thanks...i feel so sad i cannot see some of them through the entire program...coz its 13 weeks long...some of them i started, now halfway. would be nice if i can take them all the way. then their results would be completely my doing. haha...