Sunday, November 02, 2008

hill training

Kauri run is about 9 days away. if u haven't heard, i'm going for this crazy-one-way-ticket-to-cramped-calves-and-sore-thighs race on the 22nd of November. And with that looming ahead, I try to do as much uphill training as i can. But not really succeeding actually. Because the weather hasn't been too good...

But anyway, i managed to log a 10 km run on the treadmill today after i closed the gym up. I ran at speed 11 and I raised inclination every 0.5 km by 1.0. Until i reached 3.0 i'd go back down to 0.0 again and repeat the cycle again. which was good...i had a good sweat, something i havent had in quite a while because u don't sweat here. u don't get to. ahhaha

So i was feeling pretty happy, thinking i managed to burn some of the calories i've been piling on to my epidermis...that is till i made myself pizza for dinner...

and i wonder why my weight's going up....*shrug*

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