Monday, November 17, 2008

Have you ever had absolutely NOTHING to do? I am bored out of my wits here. I should be doing stuff, but because friends stay far away, and there's practically nothing to do here at night anyway, I'm confined to the four walls of my apartment with nothing left to do. I'm sick out of my skin of Facebook. My 3 email inboxes have been checked. Bank account checked. Vodafone account checked. Trademe surfed. Kauri Run site surfed. Random blogs surfed. Singapore flight and accomodation sorted. I've begun packing for home. I've even packed for my trip this weekend. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?

A while ago i picked up TV watching. But I had never been a TV person. Don't think I'll ever be one. Perhaps one fine day I'll be driven to it, but that day has yet to come. I just don't like the idea of sitting down in front of the idiot box. Don't know why.

I don't know what else to do. Oh and I have made Black Glutinous Rice dessert. So yup, cooking checked too. And I've cleaned the apartment. Times like this I really hate the time difference because my dear friends at home don't come on till about 4-5 am Auckland time. This stinks.

Owell. It was my last day at Jester's today. Jester's is the after school program I work for at Meadowbank school, where i teach gymnastics. Well, I don't exactly teach, since it's artistic gymnastics, and I'm probably even newer to it than they are. Anyway, I hadn't like this job very much when I started. Kids here were rude, had the shortest attention span and had no discipline and respect whatsoever. I dreaded every Monday. But through time I seemed to have bonded with some of the littler girls and when they gave me a big fuzzy group hug today I almost wanted to cry. I'd miss the little ones. =)

On a completely random note, I think the saddest thing to see in a child is when the child swears and curses. I wince every time i hear profanities being yelled out from little kids mouths. I think kids should stay as pure as they possibly can, I really do. It's just such a bad reflection on the parents when a little 6 year old goes "F*ck" so nonchalantly. I can't take it. Kids should NOT swear and curse. Not even when they're 10, not even when they're 12. Not ever, if you ask me. I'm 22 and I don't curse and swear. I've picked up "damn" and "shit" recently, but I think I should cut down on that too. I'm reverting back to "darn" and "shoot". It's just NOT COOL when little children swear.

Gah...just thinking about it makes me mad. How can parents sit back and watch their children swear like that? It is beyond me.

Great. 9.52 pm. I've wasted about 6 minutes. So i've got blogging checked too. NOW what else can i do? sigh..


jote said...

I've got to say I fully concurr with your stand on kids swearing, there really isn't any excuse for it.
Buuuttt.. I unfortunately can't say I don't swear. =/ Keep it to a minimum as much as possible, but its become a habit. Should take a leaf outta your book there.
Yes, anyway, Milo Shakes soon eh? =P

galnexdor said...

haha...well, i think of it this way...if u need to swear, use it when ure really really cheesed off. Otherwise the whole value of a curse word just diminishes dont u think?

and ramlee burgers...*nods head*. =)

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Start packing for ur trip back. Itz only a week away. Itz not too early to plan ur days of what to do for ur hols back here. :)