Sunday, November 16, 2008

post exam diary

Gosh I feel so sleepy.

I feel like I haven't quite had proper sleep since Thursday. I was far too excited about the final day of exams that I had a rather restless night on Thursday. Then on Friday, I had a small ceremonious moment with a guitar, a set of drums, a mic, and a whole slew of pretty unheard of rock songs at Shaun's place. Played till close to midnight. I came home, with the beats still stuck in my head, I stayed up...just-because-it's-after-exams...till 1-ish.

Saturday morning I was up at 7.15 am, preparing for work at 8. Work went on till 4 pm, by when i had successfully yawned myself to exhaustion. I came home after closing the gym up at about 4.30, and collapsed on the bed till about 6. Woke up and started preparing dinner. Then there's Skype with the family till about 10. After which I stayed up again...just-because-it's-after-exams...till 1-ish.

This morning, I had work at 8 again. But because I had to make my lunch, I got up at 6.45 am. Prepared, and went to work. Till 4. Again, I yawned myself to exhaustion. I came home and dropped on the bed again, but this time till 5.15 pm. I got up, went for a short run. Then I went out for dinner with Shermayne and dad. Then it's off to Lily's where i ate some more, while talking to her dad. (I seem to be entertaining/entertained by lots of uncles today.)

And now I'm here. Officially spent. I ought to sleep, but I've no work tomorrow. Though I still intend to wake up at about 7 just so I can get a free massage at the gym. Will probably get one, then come back and sleep. :P