Friday, November 21, 2008


I think I'm starting to miss this place. Because an empty shelf, a box of your things taped up nicely, and little notes to housemates which say "This is all yours" does that to you. It's been a short 4 and a half months that I've stayed here, but memorable nonetheless. I've felt and seen so much in these past few months, emotions I never knew could be so bitter, cold i never knew could be so paralyzing, and then a familiar sense of belonging i never knew i could find else where apart from home.

I've learned a lot. And for all the times I had doubted myself, for all the times I actually pondered whether or not this was worth it, I have the answers now. It's a whole new life that I'd begun here in Auckland, and only after 4 and a half months have I come to realise and accept that. Only after I decide which things stay behind and which things follow me home, that I accept the fact this is a new chapter of my life, that for the next few years to come, most of my time would be spent here, with new friends, new places to call home, new experiences, new life. I know it sounds kinda silly to be thinking so deep into this, but really for a good long time since the day I touched down, I kept thinking this was only temporary. That it'll be over in a few months, i'll worry about next year when I come to it. I was in denial, so to speak. And I had a tough time, just fitting in. But I'm all good now. Looking forward to go home, and looking forward to coming back here too. =)

last night the gym girls brought me out for drinks and it is either I am a really lousy drinker, or whatever poison they shoved down my throat was really strong, but I wasn't walking straight even before midnight. haha...but i love 'em girls. =)
Merin, my manager
Cara "I can't take good photos!", the Sales Exec
Sarah, assistant manager + Kick box instructor
Kate (head trainer) & Claude

I really hope they'll all still be here when I get back next year.


Mei Ling said...

woahhh love your top!

And you could not have summed it up better - the whole thinking it was temporary bit... I was like that when I first made the move to Singapore! You are not alone :)

galnexdor said...

haha thanks...its a Nike cardi i bought from the op shop...but it was brand new, just a bit dirty on one sleeve...=)

Anonymous said...

Ermm,how did you get so much salt on your face?