Sunday, October 07, 2007

running the distance

"Make a difference, Run the distance" says the banner of today's Adventurun, which is in support of the Malaysian AIDS council.

My whole family went, and Isaiah followed us there. The run was good. Loved the fresh air, smell of nature (and the occasional monkey poop) and the hilly route. Not many people took part, but i thought it was not too shabby for a student organized run.

Keith got 3rd place, which is cool since he was in the 13 to 21 years category. Isaiah got 2nd, and first place was clinched by a 14 year old called Tim who was a Stingray swimmer at one point. Darn this swimmers, running like it was the first thing they did when they were born.

I got 1st! but then again, I'm old. and my competitors are waaaaay younger. Daddy did pretty good too, i reckon he clocked the same time i did, but he thinks he did a few minutes slower. Mummy also completed the 10 km hilly race which is great.

so it was a good run, in a good environment, with good prizes.

good. i like. :)

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b3a said...

was this the sky ad one? thanks for supporting! :p