Sunday, October 28, 2007

melaka, oktoberfest, bukit rimau

haven't been blogging as frequently as i used to. not that nothing has been going on, in fact, based on today's title, too much have been going on. :) but I haven't been taking photos as often as i should. For some reason i've lost the camwhore in me. heh.


The college sent 6 of us to Melaka to perform a brief version of the Grease Musical which we did for our Gala Nite. This time, we had Nick and Hazree with us, Sean was the "Danny" and Shakti was still the bitchy "Rizzo", while I have risen from the air-headed groupie, to the boyfriend stealer. pretty good progress i'd say. :)

The performance was great! Albeit Sean stealing the limelight from all of us that night, i think we all did pretty good considering we had only about 5 hours of practise in total. The crowd was wild for Sean. Shakti and I, were pretty much the most hated women in that chinese school hall that night. Good response!

After that, the night was a blurry of stolen bags, hordes of laughter, clinking coffee mugs filled with vodka and baileys, a whole slur of incomprehensible conversation and freaky alien-like transmissions. In short, the one night trip to Melaka was crazy!


I have always heard of Oktoberfest but I never went for it. I knew it was famous for it's cheap German beers. So when i saw the poster of Oktoberfest in 1 Utama, i begged and pleaded everyone to come along with me.

On Saturday night, shortly after arriving in Subang from Melaka, Dennis and I headed to 1 Utama. Yan Yee, Joey, Nick Lim, Sean, Marco, Nick Kwang and Hazree were already there. They managed to get the RM1 beer, but Dennis and I were a tad too late. Nevertheless, i thoroughly enjoyed the German Sausages, bacon, mashed potatoes and the Lowenbrau beer. yum.

Oktoberfest wasn't all that grand. but the little folk band that was playing was quite charming. And the crowd was pretty huge. Would definitely want to try it out again.

Bukit Rimau

I tore myself off my bed at 6.30 am this morning. When Dennis woke me up, I felt as if i just went to bed a minute ago. But I bribed Uncle Peter with 2 cheese tarts from Melaka and I got the Colnago back, so i MUST ride.

I followed Andy and Sue to Bukit Rimau where i met CG, Henry and Jolene. Then we rode to a little kampung called Jenjarom. The route was flat. I was slow. But I think I have strengthened my cycling quite a bit from all the RPM.

We rode a grand total of 43 km. Bukit Rimau has gorgeous houses. They have inspired me to work really hard to own a house like that someday. With no stairs. The only way up would be to climb. haha....

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