Monday, October 01, 2007

college allergy

my hands and feet are cold
my lips are pale, so i've been told
my stomach's on its 235th rotation
my head is spinning a buzzing sensation

my eyes are teary and the tears are hot
i'm shivering outside, but inside i'm not
i've slept the whole afternoon but i want to sleep more
for my back and my throat are sore

the tips of my fingers and toes are tingling
there's not doubt, i've got food poisoning
it's barely 8.30 pm and my head's already heavy
i highly suspect i've got "college" allergy

then again, i think it's not college, but rather an allergy to a certain class...or a certain lecturer.
my dear Monday blues victims, may today's evaluation put her in her rightful spot. :)


dektos said...

yea.. and that somebody should reconsider teaching as a profession right? LOL!

galnexdor said...

hahaha sound advice i would say...:)i was just saying it on behalf of everyone...=)