Monday, October 22, 2007

5 things...

tagged by wen ching.

5 things found in my room

• My amazingly good looking PC whom I gaze into every night
• My immensely comfortable bed
• My shrieking semi circle alarm clock
• My dear Elephant
• My dear Pooh bear

5 things I've always wanted to do
• Sky diving
• Conquer every mountain in Malaysia
• Horseback riding…like really fast…not ride around in a circle at 1 km/hour
• Go bagpacking…the whole sleep on trains, bathe in public toilets thingamajig
• Go to Oprah’s studio

5 things found in my bag
• Handphone
• Wallet
• Thumbdrives
• Powerbar bottle
• Camera

5 things found in my wallet
• Cash
• Pictures of my mum which are a splitting image of moi
• ATM card
• Credit card
• Student cards

5 things I am currently into
• Mr. Chan
• Damien Rice
• Karaoke
• Sushi
• Mr. Chan :)

5 persons to be tagged
• anyone


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Mr. Chan??

Damien Rice said...

i'd like to know too....

..melanie.. said...

fuish fuish fuish.

julie said...

well, somebody's smitten :)

galnexdor said...