Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Hello, Karen Siah please?"

I've always dreamed that someday i'd receive a phone call from an anonymous/unverified/private number and the person on the other line would tell me that I've just been selected to study abroad for absolutely free, or I've won a new car, or something along those lines. Absolutely preposterous i know, but i always believed in wishful thinking. =)

well, nothing like that happened today. BUT, i received a phone call from 8TV. and i have apparently been short listed for The Ultimate Prom Nite Prom Queen candidate. yup, pretty cool. Especially since the winner walks away with RM 10,000 and a feature on 8TV's Quickie.

But here's the thing. It's on December 1st. the day before the Singapore Marathon. so, just like with the Perhentian Island Challenge and SJ10K. just like with the Powerman and Trailblazer. I have to make a choice now. Seems like someone up there is really testing me this year. heh.

well, i'll be going for a photoshoot on Wednesday. I'll see how the competition is then. kiasu, i know, but kiasus seem to be doing better in life these days, no?


Nevcorp Sdn Bhd called me today too. I applied for a job as a project manager trainee. So i'm going for an interview on Monday. Dress formal.

I cant help but wonder how working life would be like. Even if i only plan to work till June next year. But yea, it would be an eye openner. It's in downtown KL too. that makes it even more exciting. Big time corporate central.

I can so picture myself sipping Green Tea frappucino in the morning with a document case in one hand and a blazer in the other. =)


kev said...

Yuppie life, eh? Eleh... you know this is the life that students have been dreaming about... the fact is, working people barely have time to do those things... in Malaysia anyway... =P

I have all the time in the world over here, hahhah.

galnexdor said...

ahah summore say wanna comeback here...

Gene said...

IF you make enough money to be sipping Green tea frapwhatever. pessimist. the cup isn't half full. i just drank it.

C-CUBE said...

good luck in your interview and hopefully you can buy me lunch at KLCC.

and if I will you, I will go for the Ultimate Prom Nite. SG marathon can be next year!!!!

galnexdor said...

gene: yea yea...least im graduating. end of this year. =)

ccube: haha thanks uncle choi. next yr i dont know if i'll be around for that. ahahah

Tisha said...

You are 21 only once!
Your races will happen every other day. Tough I admit won't be the same; but this prom thingy happens only once!!I say go ahead girl and enjoy yourself!

You know you've got a loyal groupie backing you!!

BTW did you go for the interview?

galnexdor said...

ahha nah i didnt go...i called them up, and guess what? no answer...i tried again an hour later...still no i couldnt be bothered la. thanks for the warning....

and yea i think i'm most probably for Prom.