Monday, February 14, 2011

Vee Day.

4 years ago, under the moonlit sky, with the view of the KL Tower above our heads, a bunch of us sipped cocktails at Luna Bar, perfectly happy to be single on Valentine's Day. We had a good night that day, just hanging out, and laughing the night away.But underneath my toothy grin, and joyful laughter, I honestly wished that that would be the last Valentine's I'd be spending as a single. I had always loved the idea of celebrating a proper Valentine's, with a proper boyfriend, with flowers and dinner and just a romantic evening altogether. So when I met a handsome guy 8 months later that year, I knew my life would be a lot different. February 14th meant a whole lot more after that. I had a great time being somebody's girlfriend on Valentine's Day, no more lame feel-good excuses like "singles have more fun anyway", or "i'm single and ready to mingle!", or "Valentine's Day is also for celebrating love for family and friends" (because, let's face it, there's Mother's Day and Father's Day for that sorta thing). I felt genuinely loved and so I was really happy. It was a pretty good feeling. =)

Today, after 3 years of happy Valentines, I'm back to being single on Valentine's Day. And truth be told, I was kinda dreading today. I dreaded it because I knew that my best friends will be waking up to texts from their boyfriends that will make them smile, I knew that I'd go out and be ambushed by people selling roses, and restaurants promoting Valentines packages, I knew that I'd start reminiscing on the past 3 years' Valentines with excruciating detail, and I knew that if it were up to me, I'd be planning something nice for today.

But when today finally came, it wasn't too bad. Sure I did all of the above to a certain extent. Sure I hated myself for a fraction of time for coming up with those lame feel-good excuses again. But right now I think I went through it pretty well. I survived.

I hope all of you enjoyed yourself today. To those who had a special someone to share it with, I hope you appreciated all that he/she has done for you, and had an amazing time. To all other singles, I trust you had a good time (we always manage to in the end), but I wish that you (and I) would celebrate Valentine's with someone special next year. =)

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