Monday, February 07, 2011


I haven't been able to come up with anything to blog about in the past few weeks. I keep opening up my Blogger Dashboard, clicking on New Post, and then just staring at the little line in the text box, watching it blink.

It's not that nothing much has been happening to me. I've actually been out and about with lots of friends to meet and food to eat. And I've had interesting people in my life and interesting things happening too. But I've lost my interest in taking photos. I guess.

And with no photos, I find there isn't much point to blog about something. I don't think my words are eye catching enough to hold my reader's attention. heh.

But anyways, some updates!

It's Chinese New Year! And though it isn't really my favourite celebration of the year, the festivities sure help lift my mood a little. I've been on an eating spree, putting many many many sinful things into my mouth. And for some reason I am not even afraid that I haven't gone for a run since last Thursday. I'm on a holiday!!

I did a photoshoot about 2 weeks ago. Jason asked if I'd like to model for his friend who was opening an online boutique, as he was the photographer. I thought, sure. Why not. My only worry was that I would be too big for some of these China made Free Size dresses. Turned out I was, in my opinion, a little too big for some of the tanks and dresses, but they seem to think I took good shots, so hooray for big, broad, muscly shoulders! =)
This is my favourite shot. =)

I cleaned up a cabinet in my room to chuck it away and put a new one in. In the process, inevitably I found a chest full of childhood treasures. Letters, birthday cards, little notes, diaries, report name it. It just makes me think how when I was in high school, my entire world revolved around high school. The friends, the things we learn, life's simple all came from within the compound of school.

Of course I unearthed some more ex boyfriend things, which tugged a couple of heart strings, but I was cool enough to put them gently into The Box. My friends say I shouldn't throw them away. Because one day I'll look back at them and find it all very funny. I hope so. =)

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