Saturday, February 26, 2011

The not so secret welcome back party

My friends here threw me a secret welcome back party. It was very sweet of them, but they had to tell me about it earlier on to make sure I went. haha...but still, it was a sweet gesture, and I am quite surprised at how many people showed up!

It definitely made my day..=)

We had Vietnamese food, went bowling, then had bubble tea. I think that's pretty awesome considering how rarely Aucklanders hop from one place to another (that isn't a bar) in a single night. So, granted I was quite happy last night. =)

There is a Jazz & Blues Festival tonight down the road, but it's $20 to go in. I'm torn between going because it's my last semester here and not going coz it's $20! To go or not to go??


Julie said...

Go la!!! :) Can't get time back but can get money back! Have fun!!

galnexdor said...

hehe i didnt go in the end. i went out with ben n wye yin, which cost me $30. haha spend more money instead. owells. =)