Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy body.

I've been going out a LOT lately. It's all because I'm flying off soon, and suddenly there is all these "one more time before you fly off" dinners and lunches and teas (because I ran out of dinner and lunch slots) to carry out with friends. Different groups of friends.

It's all very flattering, and extremely enjoyable having so many plans, and sharing so many great moments with all my friends. But the downside of it is the big hole in my pocket, the hectic schedule, leaving me very little time with my family, the tiredness, the lack of sleep, the aching back and aching foot (yes just one), the influx of food consumption, and the inability to save money!

I'm feeling worn out every night, and I fall asleep almost the instant my head hits the pillow. And the next thing I know my alarm rings at 4.45 am and it's time to go to work again. That's it. No dreams. I just sleep like a log.

I'm feeling happy though. That's what holidays are for. =)

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