Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"Hello, my name is Aunty Karen. Who here knows how to spell my name?"

*hands all waving madly in the air*

"Ok, you! How to spell my name?"

"m.y. n.a.m.e!"


"Today we're talking about super powers. Name me all the super powers you know.."

"Diamond head!" "Worm!" "Bomb!"

*many strange words later*

"Don't your super heroes fly? or have lightning speed?"

" boring superhero don't need to fly, he can blink wan ar!"


*Richie comes with his hair flat down across his forehead, no longer spotting the mohawk*

"Richie, how come your hair is no longer standing up?"

"I change my hairstyle already"

"Oh, so last time you were David Beckham, now who are you?"

"David cook!"


"The Invisible Man is a stranger in the story book. What is a stranger?"

"Bad guy!!"

"A stranger is someone you don't know. Not necessarily bad. You just don't know the person yet"

" Red Riding Hood ar?"

"Yea! Remember Red Riding Hood's grandmother told her not to talk to strangers? So what is a stranger?"



Shah said...

Funniest things ever... When they say "Kids say the darndest things", they really mean it! I was laughing when I read your post... :D

Gene said...

only you can pull that out of the kids karen.

"Karen, can sing song?"

"what song do you want to sing?"


-kid from OB

Joanne said...

oh my...

karen, the kids are hilarious~~!


i love the "m.y.n.a.m.e" bit and "WOLF"

Tisha said...

Looks like the plan for corrupting the minds of the young ones' are not going as planned.

Teacher Karen, your are doomed with these oh soo 'cuters' antics!!

cx said...

blink? lol too much computer games for some kids...

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon ur blog by chance..=)
U'll make a great teacher!
I personally lurve kids too! I think they r amazinggg.

galnexdor said...

hahah lovely comments...i think my kids are getting more attention from u readers than i am...

=) yupyup kids are amazingggg, i learn so much from them, i really do.