Saturday, May 31, 2008

soldier soldier

life, as it is, has been relatively good for me.

i can safely say i am happy with my job. kids are the best possible beings to work with, i truly believe so. sure they make your blood boil occasionally, make you lose your voice for an hour or so, but at the end of the day you know that they really don't bear any malice. they're honest, playful little things who are simply wants to have fun. they don't like to do things they don't like to do, they like to do things they like to do. life's that simple for them. and being around such simplicities is really refreshing, if you ask me. i'm alright as a teacher i suppose. i work best with playful kids who are active, hyper, yet nice, obedient. my favourite is a 5 year old boy, Richie, who spots a Beckham Mohawk which he sets by himself. sweetest. darling. ever.

i see Dennis less these days. but that's alright. in a way, i really hope i can get used to not having him around every other day. but on the other hand, i really wish to see him as often as i can these last few weeks. anyway, things are great. great great great...:)

ive been shadowing in RPM for the past 3 weeks and i start team teaching next week! team teaching in RPM means i teach some of the tracks in the class. probably start with one track, then 2, and slowly 4. if i'm quick to learn, i should be able to teach a full fledge class by the last week of June. they say i have to make a video of myself within 3 months of my first full class. once i've done this video, i'll send it to LesMills Asia and they'll determine whether i get my certification or not. it's that long a process. seeing that i will be in Auckland in July, i'll have to see if i can teach there for a while, then get my certification there. Not gonna be easy i guess.

family's taking a trip to Melaka, Muar and Port Dickson over the weekend. I've taken an unpaid leave on Monday. I foresee a lot of binging in the horizons. :)

yup, life's great..:)

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