Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair for Hope

How many of you would pay to shave your heads bald?

...5 out of 10? perhaps the guys? no big huh for you to run a razor through your locks once in a while, create the whole Michael Scoffield look? No? many of you would pay to watch a friend shave bald?

...think about it, it could be a bet over a footie match. call the right predictions and your buddy might just have to make a trip to the barber compliments of you, but with self satisfaction to boot. still no? many of you would pay to watch a friend shave bald, and have that money be donated to charity?

...yea, your friend walks out looking like a goofy shaolin master, you get the kicks out of it, one kid is saved from cancer, and you get the credit. what could be better?

well, yours truly is not gonna be shaving my head bald, so hold your horses. don't go calling my house phone just yet. although i do believe if it were me i'd be getting obscene amounts of pledge monies. =)
Kelvin Lim. How do u think he'd look bald?

Friend of mine would be doing it at this event called Hair for Hope in Singapore. You may know him, you may not, either way it'd be for a good course. So if one of the things listed in your new year resolution for 2008 was "Do something charitable" or "Help the needy", this is a good place to start. Go pledge. =)


Anonymous said...

I was googling cosmotots and came to this website.Me looking for job in like comsotots or kumon.

How is it like to work at comsotots?good?
How much do they pay you around ? RM 8/hr? around there?



galnexdor said...

hey erina...cosmotots is a fun place to work if u love kids. the hours are long but time passes by quite quickly coz of the children. the pay varies depends on whether ure working part time, full time, and your qualification. i think you can e-mail them at

Kelvin said...

hi ren..tahnks a lot for the writeup:p

hopefully can generate some interest here...haha

well i wont dare to say that donation will lead to kids being saved from cancer. in fact the sad fact is a number of them will not make it through. but through this, more awareness is raised for the kids, and the kids attention get diverted away from the disease that are plaguing their bodies..

hopefully we have lotsa kind souls out there who are willing to do a good deed. although i realise, that everyone's tight with money, but by giving a little we can make a lot of change..

ren..come la, shave..b4 u fly..i'll sponsor ur trip here..hehe

i remember a saying

" i wept because i had no shoes, until i saw a man who had no feet"