Monday, May 19, 2008

catching up

recent events have been all abut catching on old times, really. and i love catching up, reminiscing. it kinda reminds me how different i was 5, 6, 7 years ago. how i was silly and naive in the past, and still had the best times of my life. and it is always fun to reflect and see how far i've come from the Karen then. I usually tell people i don't think i've changed much. appearance maybe, because i've spotted like 2,756 different hairstyles in the past. but character wise i used to tell people that i'm still the same person i was when i was in my extremely uncomfortable blue pinafore which i wore from form 1 to form 5. but the truth is i have changed a lot. there is a difference of the earth and the sky from 15 year old me to 22 year old me.

anyway, on saturday i had lunch with Mrs Khaw and some of the RSGs. And if you saw us individually walking along the malls or on the streets, u might not notice but if i should say so myself, when we take on something, somewhere by the storm, you'd notice a similarity in us all. something about the poise, the grace, the outgoing energy and the very very hearty laughter that entails a story told by any one of us. i think we look pretty damn good in this picture, quite honestly. all of us.
L-R: yuh huey, shiow fern, roshida, Mrs Khaw, me, katrina

yesterday night was dinner with some secondary school friends. there were more on the invitation list, but i guess with today being Wesak day and all, Sunday became a family night too. anyway, i was happy with whoever who came. some of which i've not seen for months and months and months! it was good fun. it really was. money well spent. =)
L-R: soon seng , jackie, han yang, li hua, me, dennis

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Tisha said...

Mrs.Khaw still looks so cute as ever!