Monday, June 09, 2008

what it feels to run

It's been awhile since i last ran. The last time i went any faster than a walk in my trainers was the NB15 km run on 18th of May. so that's exactly 3 weeks run-free. criminal.

i decided to run today. thought i'd shift my RPM to tomorrow and just hit the road today. So i came straight home after work. Weather was nice coz it's right after a drizzle. I munched a few biscuits to ikat perut for a while, coz im usually quite famished by 6.30 pm. And then i set off.

I thought i'd be panting the moment i hit the ss18 hill, but to my surprise, my feet pounded powerfully on the road all the way up. i guess RPM has done wonders to my leg strength as well as my cardio. stamina remains doubtful though because i only ran a short 5 km loop so i could come home for dinner.

But it feels great to run. 3 weeks of only RPM was turning me almost into a cyclist. I was starting to enjoy cycling more, or so i thought. but the moment i worked my legs into a comfortable pace, i am reminded of what it feels to run, and run fast.

i love running. :)

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