Saturday, June 14, 2008

ROLF Charity Run

Keith and I drove all the way to Nilai this morning to participate in a charity run. I ran 10 km he did 5.

Run was good. No complaints. I didn't come home with cash though. I was hoping i could but i am but a humble RPM instructor (trainee) now whose running legs have been replaced with that of an indoor cyclist - large, muscular, heavy. Stamina's gone down, but pumping uphills is a whole lot easier now. I did my run in 56:28, which is not too bad i guess. Now the last thing i need would be for someone to come and tell me it was actually less than 10 km. haha...

Keith was blown away by a bunch of really good Indian runners. They ran in a pack that if they were counted as one person, Keith would've come in at 2nd place. haha...anyway, he did well too trying to keep as close to the bunch in front as possible.

I would like to commend the organizers on a very successful event. i think they did a smashing job, because everything ran smoothly. Everything was professionally handled, and if there were any glitches, i saw none. The run was like any other run i've been to, if not better. I've been to runs organized by big million dollar corporations and even their standards did not come up to par with today's run. My hat's off to the Inti Nilai Adventure Club.

I had always always wished to organize a run back in my school and college days, but the skeptic in me doubted that I'd get sufficient manpower to help out. Perhaps my leadership isn't quite as good as some, but though i had very loyal and hardworking committee directors, to be able to command respect from a large number of people willing to work with me from start to end was something i never achieved. Watching the organizing crew today, their eyes puffy with unrest, their expressions weary with responsibility, but their tired sincere smiles showed their commitment to their duties. Lecturers and admin staff were also clad in sporty tees and track pants, all ready to lend a helping hand. I really am impressed.

And i guess i missed being a student leader. I miss the stress, the hair pulling moments where things could potentially go wrong, the endless phone calls from the people we have to answer to, the fabricated excuses we crack our heads to come up with just to buy us a little more time to rectify whatever complications we sunk ourselves into. I miss the nights where I long to head home and lay my head to rest, but when i finally get to do so, my mind continues to churn out "what if's" and "did i's" and "what happened to's". and i miss the long draggy hours i stay back at the hall, or the college with colleagues sharing the stress among ourselves, and knowing that we're actually having a great time. most of all i miss the very moment someone says "congratulations on a job well done" and every single damn drop of sweat seems worth it. the satisfaction. priceless.

on other things. I had a pretty huge and random SMKSJ gathering last night. It was quite cool coz i had invited a few friends and had asked them to call whoever they fancy and a whole bunch of people came! some of which i've not seen in years! most of them are still studying so it hasn't quite reached the stage where we bitched about bosses and workmates yet. but it is still fun to see how far we have all come and where our different paths have landed us. i can't wait for the next gathering of this sort!


Soon Seng said...

Fun right? Next time round, some place quieter, and with more time to catch up! haha.. More chilling place for dinner? hmm.

kev said...

Alamak, Gee sudah gemuk!

-xander- said...

nobody invited me!! =(
then again, im not in msia.... =(