Monday, May 09, 2011

happy times!

What is this, I shouldn't have let that piece of bad news stay on top of my blog for so long! Because although I was gutted, I was actually pretty numb about it a day after. =)

I've had SUCH a busy week! Well, I've had such a busy month. period. It's already the month of May! Time's speeding! I'm in my 9th week of uni, just a little over 3 weeks to go before the end of the semester.

Over the weekend I held a little party at my flat just to celebrate my birthday. I know it's not the actual day yet, but oh well, I figured it's also kinda like a pre farewell party...actually, it was just a reason to hold a party. just because. haha...=) You know how much I love having people over. And the turn out was great! I had roughly 20 guests. It was a tea time party, so I only prepared snacks and finger foods, Stan helped make some club sandwiches, Elise made me a ham and mushroom quiche, Laura made a fruit salad, and Erin and Lily both baked me my birthday cake! It was nice to see all of my favourite people in Auckland together in one room. I always do this, chuck all my different clicks of friends into one room and just hope they get along. It usually works, though I don't know if that's strange to do or not. hehe..
Wye Yin, or Coreen as she is known here, still think it's kinda cool how we come to meet again in New Zealand after all these years.
Erin and Elise! Two of my favourite Es. =)
Stan, the Man. ;)

So yes, finally I'm having a ball in Auckland, just when I'm about to leave. The irony! Life gets you in the silliest situations doesn't it? Oh, did I mention I'm also sick as hell with the cold, cough, fever, headache and all that jazz just 2 days before my actual 25th birthday? My flatmates told me it's bad luck to celebrate your birthday before the actual day, I think this is karma knocking on my door already. But then again, I'm gonna will myself to health with my super awesome immune system! I'll be in the pink of health come this Wednesday, you'll see! ;)

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did you forget to tell me something ren?