Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burnt out.


1. The reduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use or combustion.
2. Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

I. cannot. study. any. more.

Have you ever felt such disdain for something that you'd wish you can shove everything about that something into the "insinkerator" and laugh with elation as the clinking and clanking sound of your relief fills the air?

How on earth did I come from begging to do this degree to this point?

I think it's the knowledge that there are other aspects to life other than education. How I wish I can go back to primary school, where getting A's is all I have to do and all I have to know how to do to make mum, dad and little Karen all very happy. How I wish I never learned of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or successful people who make it big without graduating.



Theo said...

We all arrived late into this world. Therefore we have to go through the mills, designed by others without our consent, and that, by the time we are done, our most precious, productive years were lost. Cooked up in dungeons, halls that echo nothing but our own thoughts, we spend our hard-earned money on that piece of certification? It's abhorrent to think that we should spend that absurdity, to learn nothing of the true knowledge, but mere certification to practice what we thought we want.

The totality, the causality, is the the final insult of our so-called education.

We have to think really hard, and make decisions that is out of this world. Just to save ourselves.

Li-Ann said...

Knowledge (exam based or not) is interesting and valuable in and of itself... If you treat it like the way you treat marathon running-instead of testing the limits of your body, here you're testing the limits of your brain.

if you think about how far we've come in human understanding- that every bit of information that you've read in your textbook is the blood, sweat and tears of some researcher in some tiny lab sometime ago, maybe you'll see the beauty in the process that is education.
ps mark zuckerberg and bill gates will probably not spend effort to educate you on how to succeed- their school of hard knocks is probably heaps more painful that what you're going through.

galnexdor said...

haha two such different comments.

Theo, I think you're right. I did this degree only because I wanted a qualification which I think would look good on my resume. Yes I wanted to learn the tricks of the trade, and I did, but not through uni, rather, through work and other experiences.

But this decision to get this degree was my very own and I have nobody but myself to hold responsible for it.

Li-ann, you're right. unfortunately i don't share your sentiments for poor researchers in some tiny lab a long time ago. haha...i just think that this subject im doing is quite purposeless for me at the moment, and it doesn't give me any meaning. and 50% of the students are repeat students, every year. thats not a very good subject then, is it?

Theo said...