Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whoa...wait, it's Monday again? Damn.

My weekend FLEW by, thanks to my double shift full day work on Saturday and Sunday. I've been covering many shifts lately. Don't know why I keep getting called. Perhaps Kat was right, because we Asians don't say "No".This week alone I've done 27 hours. I'm technically only allowed to do 20. No wonder I feel so exhausted. Because it's still full time study on top of that, AND trying very very hard to fit in 3 running days, 1 swim, and 1 strength work out. If I had never admitted to being stressed out, I'm admitting it now.

I don't mind the work, though. It's coming back to incomplete assignments, and exams to study for that I find a drag.

Student life is stressful. If I ever had complaints back when I was in Metropolitan, I had NO IDEA what I was in for over here. Full time study + having to pay rent + having to cook + keeping my fitness up + working part time + squeezing in any chance of having a life + assignments + exams + family obligations to do well and not waste the money invested in student = SUPER STRESS. I am a lucky girl because my family supports and encourages me to the very end in everything I plan to do. And because of that I sometimes feel like I mustn't let them down!

*is it musn't or mustn't? because there's a red squiggly line under musn't but none under mustn't.

Photoshoot with Zhi and friends. 1 Up!

But I'm not complaining too much. My weeks are almost disappearing before my very eyes and eventhough I know that that should sound a little scary because my exams are so near, I can't help but feel slightly elated because the end is near! I'm going to have a ball this summer with Mum, Dad and Keith coming over! It's gonna be epic!

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Mei Ling said...

oh wow. now that you point it out I realise that I've been spelling mustn't as musn't my whole life. mustn't makes sense because it's an abbreviation of 'must not'.

learn something new everyday :)