Thursday, October 28, 2010


Every day has been a battle
To smile, to laugh, to sing a song
Every day, I lift my chin up
Yet every day never before felt so long

I try to think of things to do
Just to stick it in and pummel through
Somehow in silence my thoughts get clouded
Clouded by memories of you

It hurts just a little
Just a little too much some nights
It hurts just wondering what went wrong
How we started up these fights

I cannot let go, for no good reason
The memories buried within the heart
Where we laughed more than I cried
And we hugged more than we were apart

My thoughts are cruel to not let me forget
Words you have said to me
Songs you have sung to me
Places you have been with me

To sit in silence as I watch you
Appear online, and not say a thing
Makes my heart heavy with sadness
My eyes water, as the tears sting

It hurts to be ignored
It hurts that we've become such strangers to one another
It kills me every day, not knowing what to say
Not knowing whether or not things will ever get better

It hurts.

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