Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendly much?

With Kiwis...or ang mohs in general, I can never quite draw the line between friendly and creep. I don't think I'm an overly sensitive girl, or perasan as they say it back home. I generally assume people have the best of interest, usually, and would only pick up if someone has ulterior motives only much later.

Which I suppose can be either good or bad, depending on the situation.

I was running along the waterfront this afternoon, and was just starting to climb up the hill, when I slowed to a walk. My left heel had been playing up, and I'm starting to get a little annoyed, seeing as the marathon is in 8 days. I had sincerely wanted to do 11.8ks today - something I have never done before during training. heh. But i ran probably about 5ks before I couldn't bear the nagging pain at my heel anymore. boo! =(

Anyway, I digress. I was walking up the hill when a stranger said "Sorry, excuse me. Hi. I noticed you running along the waterfront. What sort of distance are you doing?" And so we went on to chat about running, and the marathon, and training. He said he's only done 8ks but he wanted to get into it, and hopefully take part in a race some day. The conversation was light, and friendly until he said "Would you like to go for a run sometime? Can I take your number down? Maybe we can go for coffee?"

I flinched. Coffee, and going for a run, is pretty much among the most casual things Kiwis say to each other on a daily basis. Sure, he stopped me midway through my run/walk. And he saw me running along the waterfront, which meant he actually drove up to catch up with me from wherever he was before. And just went straight into conversation, just like that. Extremely random, but extremely casual. But the Malaysian in my head went, hang this dude for real? Was he asking me out, or was he just being friendly? Is it just me, or was the setting a wee bit too random for someone to be asking another person out for coffee?

I said nah by the way. I told him he'll see me around the waterfront at some point. But I just found it so strange. Oh, I should probably add the fact that he was in his 40s or 50s. That could either draw it closer to "Friendly" or draw it closer to "Creep" huh? Hmm...I don't know.

On a different note, this is Nicky. I met her last year, when she joined Configure Express. She's a sweet girl from Germany, and she loves New Zealand. But she's been here for about 15 months now and is ready to go back to Munich. I'll miss her. I can't believe it's been 15 months since I met her. That bit of time seems to have flown by me. But it never flies fast enough to finish uni without me realising it.


K3vski said...

Definitely creepy! If you both work in the same place, he could get into trouble for sexual harassment! Have you heard of the David Jones CEO case?

Do take care of the heel. We're not spring chickens anymore.

galnexdor said...

u make us sound so old. only people over 40 use that metaphor.