Tuesday, January 06, 2009

on love

love. that blasted word. a four letter word, so simple in meaning yet so deep in value. so great is its influence on the human race in every corner of the world.

i, of all people, detest it when people try to sound all philosophical, coming up with their own theories and perceptions on love. i hate it when they try to write something on something we know is guaranteed to either touch you, enrage you, sadden you, amuse you, affect you in one way or another to a certain degree - usually by large.

everyone relates to love. everyone. and maybe the reason why i have chosen to blog on love tonight was because i intend to win back some readers, regenerate some interest and increase those blog hits. maybe the reason i chose to discuss love tonight was because in the past year i have learned a thing or two about love and would like to disseminate that piece of information to those of you out there in search of love.


but i know nothing of love except that i've been given an abundance of it throughout my life. yes, i am a lucky girl to begin with, born to a family who's extremely loving and giving. i have friends who love me very much, friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin.

people say i am an idealist in a lot of ways. i believe in all things good and kind and the power they bring. but i think it's because of the environment that i was brought up in that was so full of love that hatred, vengeance, sadness doesn't really come very often. now i'm beginning to sound like i was raised by the Care Bears.

Truth is, tonight i'm talking on love because of a certain someone. This person is someone i've only known for less than maybe a year and a half. Yet his presence in my life has a great impact on me.

This person loves me. And I see it through his eyes what I mean to him. I feel it through his words when he writes to me. I know it through his actions.

And when I first found myself loving him back, I never knew how deeply I'd be loving him. I never knew how deeply i'd be falling in love with him. Now that i have, i never want to fall out of it.

Tonight this very dear person would be turning 25. And I could be selfish and conceited and wish that he continues to love me this much for the rest of his life. Or I could be generous and kind and wish that I continue to love him this much for the rest of my life.

I think I'll sleep on that tonight and see what I feel like tomorrow. =)
Happy Birthday, Boyfriend.


kev said...

Happy birthday, Dennis. How come not on Facebook one? Shy ah? Hehheh.

Li-Ann said...

this is so sweet! he must be v v happy :D
ps: happy birthday dennis!!

galnexdor said...

haha...dunno, yea..shy qua...ahaha "want to know who his true friends are"...ahha

thanks li-ann..yea i think he must be...=)