Friday, January 23, 2009

And then you hold my hand

I guess sometimes I need to be reminded
I need to hear you say it aloud
Sometimes I tease and tug and nudge
Just so you’d tell me again what we’re about

I guess sometimes I tend to forget
That you think of me just as often too
Sometimes I sit around and wait
For that short simple heartstring tugging “boo”

I guess sometimes I get a little selfish
I want to have you all to myself
As much as possible for as long as possible
That my heart sinks when the clock hits 12

I guess sometimes I take for granted
The time we have together each day
And like a lovesick fool I start missing you
The moment you drive away

I guess sometimes I feel a little doubtful
That all this goodness could not be real
And then you reach out and hold my hand
I guess then I know just how you feel

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