Thursday, January 08, 2009

How old is too young?

Last I checked I had just turned 22 years old and would be turning 23 only this May. To me, at age 23 I can only wish for heaps more friends in Auckland, a couple of As in my exams, less rain in winter and many more monthliversaries and anniversaries with Dennis. The last thing I'd imagine getting myself into at age 23 is an engagement.

But that's just me.

Because i seem to have quite a few friends my age who are engaged now. And I think...i think it, I honestly don't know. What do you think? How old is too young to get married?

How many of you are the believers of the "Love will conquer all" theme? You could be broke as a pauper and still ask your girl for her hand in marriage because you believe that all you need is to lie in each others' arms and life would be bliss. You wouldn't mind living with parents. Unemployed? We'll do part time and double shifts...Don't have a car? We'll walk or cycle; sets the romance anyway...Still studying? what better way than to have spousal support to boost our confidence through those gloomy exam periods...Love really is all we need to live happily ever after...

How many of you are in the 5 Cs camp - Cash, Credit card, Career, Car, Condo? I'm a man, I should at least have a steady job to support my wife. Or for some women, they believe in being independent and self sufficient. Any Miss I-don't-need-a-man out there? Some people feel they should be able to afford their own home before they can build a marriage. Not too bad an idea to be sufficient i guess.

Then again, there's the question of what do engagements entail? What IS an engagement? A promise? How different is an engaged couple from a couple? Are the lines drawn a little closer, a little tighter around the couple if they're engaged? And what if it doesn't work out? Would breaking up with your fiance be a bigger sin than breaking up with your boyfriend?

Oh, and do engagements have expiry dates? Is there like a 1 year period, 2 years, or any particular time space for an engaged couple to get married?

You know I think it's cool that I have reached the age where my friends are getting engaged and all. I love weddings! =)


Gene said...

ooo, heavy subject.

being still a teenager (twenteen-two), i still feel like thats so far away.

and how is How I Met Your Mother maternal? Barney?

soon seng said...

Haha.. we'll have to check with Jackie on that whole engagement thingie...

Oh, and thanks, ya, Karen, for that night.. =) *hug*

valeriechuan said...

woh! after reading your blog..i feel like i am an old spinster!..hahahah..

I've a few guy friends who said they will only have a relationship after their career is stable.

They use to say if a Man can't even support himself how is he able to support his other half?

I think engagement is actually nothing lah.Just guy give girl some "assurance";Diamond ring?

With a diamond ring not like you can wear everywhere also.SO dangerous this days...for all u know because of the diamond ring i lose a finger!..hahahah =P

Not necessary need to engage first then get married too.

My bro's friend got engaged but after that they split too.(i rarely hear about this lah but it happens)

I guess when the time is right then everythin will fall in to places lo i.e
both are ready to build a family and have the $$ to get married so you dont need to depend on your parents to pay for the wedding etc etc.

Ah well it's an individual thing ;-)

galnexdor said...


gene: yeah it is maternal what...always talking about children...barney a strange way...

soonseng: hahaha no worries soon seng..

hooilian: yupyup...individual thing la...but times are gradually changing i feel...=)

Li-Ann said...

in the past chinese people never really had engagements? but I think ideally engagements are a practical way of saying okay, we know where this is headed, let's really sit down and plan our future together. a kind of a goal to achieve i suppose. which i think is positive growth. :)

galnexdor said...

true true...oh and i wonder if the boy has to talk to the parents of the girl before engagement?

jote said...

I would think that would be expected, would it not?

Even if it isn't, there'd definitely be more brownie points earned by approaching the girl's parents beforehand, rather than saying "Surprise! I'm stealing your daughter!"

Or maybe I'm just old fashioned.

galnexdor said...


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