Monday, January 12, 2009

Brazilian meat, Island delights and Japanese buffets

If there were a sin I am guilty of ever since I got back, it would be the sin of food binging. I have been stuffing my face non stop since i stepped on Malaysian shores, and trust me, it shows. Nevermind the fact that I haven't been training much. I am growing into a blimp. And Dennis isn't helping!

On Thursday, for our usual Dennis-Karen day outing, we went to Carnaval in SS22. It was a Brazilian place where you pay a nett price and they come out and serve you meat. All kinds of meat! They were on skewers, grilled/roasted to perfection. I really loved it, because the flavours were awesome! I think the both of us stuffed ourselves silly. I was so full I couldn't even move no more. And yet I wanted more and more because it was delicious! Ah! I need to stop this.
This is Dennis's cannot-eat-anymore face...hahaha

Taman Negara Penang, where we hiked in to Pantai Kerachut. Lovely place, has a turtle sanctuary as well, which we didn't know about.

Anyway, for the weekend I joined Jackie, Jolvin, Wen Ching, and Wei Suan on an all you can eat trip up north to Penang. Nicholas and Qian Ee joined us the next day. It helluva makan trip. And I had great fun! It started out a bit disappointing, food wise. Food in Penang was supposed to be good, and cheap! But it started out with really overrated overpriced food. We had a tally Subang vs Penang, and in the beginning, Subang was actually winning!
The infamous Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Tiaw that cost me RM8 a plate. I think the one they sell in USJ 14 taste heaps better and costs half the price.
Crepe Cottage, a cozy little place serving waffles and crepes on Gurney Drive.

It only got better when we met up with Mei Hui, my lovely OB girl from Penang! She brought us to some of the best places to eat and to chill out! It was really great seeing her again, since I last saw the tip of her nose 2 Valentines ago.
Mei and I at Sunset Bistro, a really awesome place at Batu Ferringhi.

On the way there as well as back, we even treated ourselves to some Ipoh delicacies. Those were pretty satisfying. =)
Salted Chicken from Ipoh


Today I tagged along to Tenji with Dennis and friends for the much talked about Jap Buffet promo. I think it's amazing how WOM (word of mouth) advertising is so so so effective because there wasn't a single ad on this restaurant and yet reservations had to be made days in advance if you wanted a spot. The verdict? It was good. Very worth the price. The boys had some things to say, comparing it with Jogoya and all. I honestly think they're all good. And today's buffet was no different. Oysters were ginormous. Cheese baked crabs were awesome. And Haagen Daas ice cream was the cherry above it all. =)I wonder if there are implications to stuffing my stomach to its fullest potential so often. I mean, stomach walls have muscles don't they? What if this constant overstrain on it will cause hypertrophy and then my stomach will bulge out? hahaha...wait...that's a scary thought.

I need to run, I know. I will. I will =)


Jackie Voon said...

Argggh!! you went to Tenji??? We tried! But we couldn't....*sobs sobs* Neway, it was a good trip up to Penang! Great company!

galnexdor said...

hahah tenji was awesome possum!

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