Thursday, July 21, 2011

I get out of bed, and I check the time
Adding 4 hours when I used to subtract
Wondering what you're up to today
Before I realise, and I retract

Lunch time and I sit and ponder
What to have and who to call out
I smile as I think of you and fish burgers
Then I realise that's not what today's about

Mid day passes, and evening comes
And I thought I'd done pretty well on my own
Then a little beep, and your message comes through
Out the window my fa├žade is thrown

It still is nice to hear from you
No matter how brief or casual it is
I still look forward to words from you
Words I really am not supposed to miss

I hope in time, this yearning will fade
And so will the emotions that lie within me
I hope the distance will run its course
Burying my thoughts deep where they will sit silently

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