Monday, July 11, 2011


SO! My last post was more than 3 weeks ago. Hello! I'm back.

So much has happened in the last few weeks, I don't really know where to start! I don't even think I want to. Heh. Let me try to summarize. I basically started travelling the day after I finished my exams (a.k.a. the day I finished my degree, hehe). I was off to Fiji for 7 days, which was pretty awesome, despite the rain and winds that came from the 3rd to the 7th day. And then a day after I got back from Fiji, Lyn and Rosie came to visit and away we went down to Rotorua, then up to Northland. And then they left, and I had less than 48 hours to pack up my 3 years in Auckland into 25 kgs of checkked in baggage and 10 kgs of carry on PLUS throw a farewell party before I then spent about 15 hours journeying back to Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of July - the day Malaysia will remember as Bersih 2.0.

So now I'm here in my much missed bedroom in Subang Jaya. I have just checked my results online this morning and found that I have PASSED MEDSCI 205 which is GREAT! I was a very happy girl when I saw that. I have also started to unpack my baggages, which turned out to be almost as mind boggling as packing seeing that I have no space in my cupboard for a lot of things. I eventually gave up halfway and decided that perhaps I should just live out of a suitcase. =) I also sorted out my mobile phone woes, and my internet banking and bought some antibiotic cream for my now pus dribbling battle scars on my heels. yes they look as gross as they sound.

I am exhausted. From the travelling, from the laughter and the fun I've been having.
I am gaining weight. From all the food I've been eating sans the exercise because I haven't been able to find time to do so and then my injuries now hold me back.
I am relieved. To be rid of exams, assignments, textbooks, journal articles, studying and stress.
I am comfortable. To be among family and best friends again, and the same awesome food I grew up with.
I am saddened. By the end of something that was potentially something pretty good.

Yup. In the past 4 months of my life in Auckland, I have managed to gain and lose love. I had met someone amazing, someone who I'd love to be with, but was never meant to be in love with. It saddens me that I had to bid him farewell, and that our chapter had to end. It saddens me that I am now back to zero again - to begin my search once again for someone to fit into my wonderful life, to have and to hold for many years to come. But life is a never ending journey, and love should not be the only thing I search for. =)

The world is my oyster now. I can do whatever I want right now with my life. That feels surreal. =)


Jayson Yong said...

welcome back! =) let the makan sessions continue!!!!

galnexdor said...

OK! :D